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Tiantangzhai, Lu’an

(天堂寨 tiān táng zhài)

Tiantangzhai Scenic Area. [Photo/]

Tiantangzhai Scenic Area is the second-highest peak of the Dabie Mountains.

Located in Jinzhai county, Lu'an, Anhui province, it is a perfect place to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. On the mountain are 185 animal species and more than 100 seasonal waterfalls.

Tiantangzhai is valued as a natural oxygen bar, with lush and dense forests and various flora species vertically distributed.

The renowned Nine Shadow Waterfall at Tiantangzhai Scenic Area [Photo/]

There are more than 100 seasonal waterfalls in the scenic area. [Photo/]

Scenic spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: all year

Opening hours: all day

Ticket price: 90 yuan ($13)

Address: Tiantangzhao town, Jinzhai county, Lu’an, Anhui province

Website: (Chinese) (English)

It is suggested that visitors spare at least two days to visit Tiantangzhai Scenic Area since there is a lot to see. There are many local hotels and restaurants both in the scenic area and outside it but not far from the entrance, where visitors can stay overnight.

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2018

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